Authentic Woodsman Magazine

While most know our esteemed Association for its hate-filled and fear-mongering tactics, we occasionally like to call out our brethren in the war against trees who show signs of success with a different approach.

In this case, the fine folks at the Cat and Girl webcomic have found a means of introducing otherwise-unintending audiences to the wide world of the multi-facted rugged appearance of the anti-arboreal lifestyle using both comedy and subtle linework.

Authentic Woodsman Magazine

Kudos to Dorothy Gambrell for helping to spread our ideas subversively.

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    What you are about to encounter is years of accumulated knowledge, concised and repackaged into manageable, understandable chunks. Chunks that will help empower you in the fight against the ultimate evil.

    Granted, this information rarely takes upon first processing. Years of intense searching led us at the AAA to this point. We have displayed this knowledge then in a non-threatening online publication so as to invite all to our non-wooden table of freedom at their own pace.

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    M. Night Shyamalan's documentary ("The Happening") about trees was labeled as a "thriller" by the MPAA, but make no mistake: the events in this film are truthy. Watch it now!