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Try before they die

Jack Lumber app iconWe at Anti-Arboreal Association know that not everyone can quickly incorporate our teachings without a fair amount of deprogramming from the years and years of the trees’ lies. That’s why we’re so grateful that our friends at Owlchemy Labs have built an app for that: Jack Lumber (available on Steam).

A tree killed his Granny! Now he's out for revenge!Chop through as many trees, logs, branches and twigs as humanly possible in this fast-paced and fun training exercise. Learn the most effective sneak attacks (remember: attack at night!), try out the latest in power saw technologies, and quickly desentitize your young to the skills they’ll need in this new world order.

Trees Suck! video
See the gameplay in action

Play the game now on Mac, PC, Steambox, iOS and Android and more at

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