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Texas Trees on the Ropes

Awesome news from Texas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Galveston’s tree population is decimated. More than 80% of the town’s trees are dead or dying, for a grand total of 42,800 trees!

Apparently the Galvestinians have already unleashed both hurricanes and killer fungus on the trees, but there are roughly 10,000 fortified trees still hanging on. Give them enough time, and they will sow their dirty seeds around the town, making the job all the harder as the weeks wear on.

Do not forget, though: we are winning this war… stay strong, grab an axe, and help finish the job that these brave Texans have begun. Push, push, PUSH to hit that 100% goal before the end of June!

Help make Texas a tree-free wonderland… a bastion of barkless of beauty to inspire generations to come.

2 replies on “Texas Trees on the Ropes”

Your website sickens me! Are you an alian that does not
breath oxygen? If you are not, are you aware you will die if there
are no trees? Are you the founder of a group that is killing all
the trees? I assume since you hate trees you do not eat vegetation.
Well the animals do and if all the trees die they will have no
oxygen either so not only will you have no air to breath you will
have no food to eat. Like I said, your garbage of a site makes me

Kim, welcome to the first stage: denial. We understand.
Seeing trees for what they are is a fundamental, monumental,
judgmental shift that is difficult for all of us at first. But now
that you’ve read up, now that you’ve participated here, we’re
certain you’ll start reading up, thinking critically, and
occasionally even making good anti-tree decisions. (Maybe you’ll
choose paper instead of plastic? Maybe you’ll grab a paper towel
instead of using hand dryer? All little steps that build towards
revolution!) PS: now that you’ve found our site, too, I’m sure
you’ll read more details to know the science doesn’t back up your
claims about trees being needed for oxygen. (Hint: algae on oceans
supplies more breathable Oxygen than trees!)

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